The World's First Social Media Powered Flight

Strike Bowling: The World’s First Social Media Powered Flight

In the world’s first social media powered flight, Loud&Clear Creative launched their client, Strike Bowling’s social media manager 40 feet into the air in the middle of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre using the power generated by ‘likes, tweets, Instagram and Facebook shares. Every social interaction was rewarded with a squirt of helium in a stunt designed to engage the public and reward them with seeing a human take flight.

Loud&Clear streamed the event live over Facebook. By liking Strike’s Facebook page, viewers were rewarded by being able to watch the stunt take place via a webcam, ensuring that fans all over Australia, and the world could take part, by adding ‘one small squirt for man’ to the balloons.

After 8 hours of balloon filling, a very nervous Strike social media manager was successfully floated to the delight of several hundred strike fans watching via the live feed, and on on the ground at Melbourne Central.

Winner – best Experiential Advertising May 2nd 2012 – Best Ads on Tv